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Vice Waypoint Article: Why Do People Still Care About ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ So Much?

Patrick Klepek is the Senior Writer at Vice’s Waypoint, and he’s been covering video games for more than 20 years.  In his latest article, he writes about the circumstances surrounding the Duke Nukem Forever 2001 build leak and the worldwide attention it has garnered to date.  Here’s a snippet:

Earlier this month, a surprisingly complete early version of Duke Nukem Forever, the sequel to the groundbreaking Duke Nukem 3D that introduced a generation to the concept of interacting with a digital toilet that flushed, was released anonymously onto the internet. It’s a game that looks hugely different from the one that would later ship more than a decade later to much fanfare but little acclaim, a testament to the well-documented development hell—an endless process of rebooting both the game’s design and technology—the game endured. got a mention in this article, so be sure to go and check it out!

A Large Amount of the DNF 2001 Leak is Actually Playable!

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Duke Nukem Forever E3 2001 Trailer: Atomic 4K Edition (Using Leaked Build Footage)

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DNF 2001 E3 Trailer Cutscenes, Test Maps, and Multiplayer

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DNF 2001 Full Gameplay Showcase

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Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Content 4Chan Leak

This is a developing story based on leaks occurring on 4Chan:

The few of us left who still follow Duke will understand the nostalgia and sheer joy that is felt to see and read this stuff.  If what is being said is true (and we’re willing to bet on it) and there is a playable game released, perhaps we will, for a short time, rejoice in a collective reunion of the thousands of fans that were with us during the 3D Realms days before 2009.  Imagine, for a second, if they got together to rebuild the game the way they created DNF 2013 inside Duke3D.

Here are relevant quotes from the person(s) known as “x0r” who is/are posting the content below:

Almost every chapter is present in some form. A huge chunk is playable, a huge chunk is block-outs with no enemies. All of the E3 content is there.
Not just the editor, we will be releasing the full source code too.
All weapons are functional with the exception of the chainsaw and the freezer.
Do you have any date on when you are gonna leak it then? June.
The editor works. We also have the engine and UnrealScript source code and have written instructions for compiling it.
Two builds, but only the content for one.
It is Unreal Engine 1, like the final game.
There is no complete game. It was never finished.
The E3 2001 iteration but not the E3 2001 build.
The shrink ray is in the game, it’s the first weapon in slot 4.
The theme is just the Megadeth version. It starts playing as soon as you boot the game.
Bombshell is not visually present in the game at this point, there is a log file showing that her model was deleted.
The strippers can be seen and interacted with when you first enter the club. By the point in the game that was recorded, most of them are dead.




Duke Smoochem 3D, UK-based mod with Lee Jackson music!

Writes Lee Jackson (author of the original Grabbag theme / Duke Nukem 3D score): Here’s a project from Dan Douglas, the man behind the “Duke Smoochem 3D” mod project. He’s released a work-in-progress video with a song he commissioned from me, titled “Double Decker Chase,” as background music. Check it out! 

Amazing Upscaled Versions of the DNF 1998 and 2001 Trailers

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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project – Deep Freeze Mod Released

Our community member DNV writes:

Deep Freeze mod for Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is finally and completely released!
This is a big mod with its own storyline. Deep Freeze contains 10 levels of the main storyline and 17 separate maps from its alpha version.
You can play the mod in English and Russian (text + voice). It also supports several widescreen modes.

[Download from Google Drive]
[Download from ModDB]
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends!