723K Chips Claimed in the WSOP Main Event

Announcers have called the WSOP main event a bloodbath, and it would seem that they are in fact right. The footage from the day three hand has seen three players in the pot. You have Joseph Beasy and he has a pair of 10s and you also have Simon Welsch, who has the Ace of spades, plus a 9 of hearts. The famous Joshua Tam has a pair of 7s. So why did people know that this game was going to end in a bloodbath? Well, the flop stands at 10-Ace-7. This would give Welsh, what he perceives to be, a top pair. Next up, Tam gets three of the same. This sounds like a good hand, but then Beasy ends up with a three of the same hand, but better. So how did the events unfold from this point? Take a look below.

Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

The WSOP has Certainly been Interesting

So it would seem that the WSOP has certainly been an interesting ride. Of course, so many people from all around the world tune in every week just to watch the events unfold, and there are always some surprises. That being said, it would seem that the surprises are higher in number this year when compared to previous years. A lot of this comes down to the huge influx of people who now have a keen interest in poker, as the popularity grows, it paves the way for more interesting and high-stake events. Sites such as GGPoker Canada have helped enormously with this, by helping the card game to become more popular while also making it easier for beginners to play.

What Happened Next?

So what happened next in this high-stakes game? Well, Beasy checked, and then Welsch bet 27,000. Tam chooses to call and Beasy calls, even though the one and only Jamie Kerstetter suggested that it would be way better if he raised, on the off-chance that there were straight possibilities from the opponents. The turn was 4 and then Beasy checked again. Welsch does the same again and Tam, who thinks that someone has an Ace, bets 57,500. The footage then cuts to the river and Welsch got out before Beasy called. The river appears to be another 4, which gives Beasy and Tam a full house. At this point, Beasy chooses to show some muscle and then bets 75,000. Tam raises to a whopping 250,000. Beasy takes a quick moment to find out what Tam might be doing, and then calls. This leaves him in a very good position, as he calls the winning hand, leaving Tam shocked and stunned.

So at this point in the competition and judging by the WSOP chip counts, it looks like there are 354 players left and of course, Tam is 199th. He has 1.14 million. With the hand that he has just played, Beasy is 81st, with 2,117,000 chips.

This was a shocking turn of events, to say the least, and it is incredibly interesting to see how things have unfolded so far. That being said, there are probably going to be even more exciting things to come, as the event progresses and as more and more people tune in. The world of poker is certainly thriving right now and it would seem that even the biggest players still make bad decisions. With bluffing, trying to work out their next play and reading opponents, even the best end up tripping over, and it’s games like this that highlight the excitement and thrills that poker has to offer. Tune in to the WSOP to watch future events unfold.