10 Biggest Casinos on the World Map

One of the sectors that require heavy investment is the casino industry. Canada, for instance, is home to many physical casinos, but none attains the standard of the ten biggest casinos in the world. According to our expert Michelle Thomas, here are the ten biggest casinos on the world map:

Winstar World Casino

Located in the city of Oklahoma, the Winstar World Casino boasts a gaming space measuring 600,000 square feet. The world’s largest casino also boasts of more than 7,000 gaming machines as well as more than 100 table games. Additional gaming facilities in the casino include a massive nonsmoking poker room as well as an over 800-capacity bingo hall. 

Additional amenities in the casino include a pool bar, spa, golf course, sports lounge, and a nightclub. The casino is also home to 17 restaurants and eight gaming plazas. The establishment also boasts of a 7,700-seat Colosseum and a global event center that can comfortably host more than 3,500 guests.

Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau is located deep in Macau, China. The massive establishment is among the biggest on the world map. The Venetian Macau casino sits on a massive 546,000 square feet piece of land. The casino boasts a gaming space of 273,000 square meter gambling space. The casino is home to over 800 gaming tables well as 6,000+ slot machines. It also offers an event area that can host more than 15,000 people.

Betsafe Casino

Even though we have focused on land-based casinos, it will be unfair not to check the online world. Betsafe is one of the best which has been rated high by various platforms such as Canada online casinos. One the casino scores 10/10 on usability and has some of the best bonuses, making it the best casino on the map. The casino also comes with mobile applications and accepts many payment options. 

The City of Dreams

Also located in Macau, The City of Dreams casino is the biggest casino in the region. The casino occupies a total area of 420,000 square feet. The magnificent casino is home to 450 gaming tables as well as 1,514 slot machines. Additional features of the casino include a live water theater high-end nightclub as well as thirty bars and restaurants.

Foxwoods, Ledyard, Connecticut

The prestigious casino is believed to be the fourth-largest casino in the world. The casino sits on an estimated 344,000 square feet piece of land. The casino boasts of having over 3,400 slot machines and more than 250 gaming tables. However, the big size should not dupe and fail to observe what it takes to avoid losing a lot of money on the establishment. Additional features of the casino include high-end boutiques, spa, golf, bowling area, and 55 restaurants.

Wynn Macau

The Wynn Macau is another big casino establishment located in Macau China. The gaming area of Wynn Macau is approximately 273,000 square feet. Other than the casino area, this most popular casino is famous for additional entertainment spots including a spa, pool, an art gallery, pool, four high-end dining restaurants, and 29 designer shopping outlets.

Ponte 16

The Ponte 16 casino is also located in Macau, China. The massive establishment sits on a 270,000 square feet piece of land, making it the 6th biggest casino globally. Ponte 16 boasts more than 307 slot machines and 109 gaming tables. It also features two massive VIP halls. The casino’s additional social amenities include a fitness Centre, a five-star French hotel, a massive swimming pool, and a spa. It also has a kid playing center with an Angry Birds Theme where children of all ages can enjoy.

Rio Casino Resort

Located in Klerksdorp, South Africa, the Rio Casino Resort is believed to be the seventh biggest casino establishment in the whole world. The Brazilian Themed Rio Casino Resort sits on a 266,330 square feet piece of land. The massive casino boasts of having 274 slot machines and 12 table games. Additional social amenities in the casino include a kids’ gaming center, a restaurant, and a high-end bar.

The Sands Casino

The Sands Casino is located in Macau, China. The massive establishment sits on a 229,000 square feet piece of land facing the water. The casino boasts of having 1,000 slots and 200 gaming tables. Social amenities include a theatre, spa, and numerous dining spots, including McDonald’s and KFC.

The MGM Grand Casino

The massive casino establishment is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It boasts a 170,000 square meter gaming space equipped with over 200 table games and 3,000 slot machines. Additional social amenities in the casino include VIP villas, three high-end hotels, two theatres, a massive entertainment arena, fifteen restaurants, a pool, and a spa.

Casino Lisboa

The casino is located in Lisbon, Portugal. It boasts a 165,000 square feet gaming space that houses more than 26 table games and 1,000 slot machines, and 26 table games. The casino also features a three-ring rotating stage where live performances are held. It also has an auditorium and three high-class restaurants.