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Will 2014 see a new Duke game?

Yes, I think so!

No, I'm doubtful.

Posted by Yatta
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Our Five-Question Interview with 3D Realms CEO Scott Miller

Category: 3D Realms
by Green, on Fri Apr 15 2011, 05:12pm


Q1) Is 3D Realms currently involved in any projects and if so could you
discuss them at any length?
Yes, we have several projects underway, all fairly small -- not any
big console games.  Once DNF comes out we'll be definitely looking to
invest into other projects, and maybe other up-n-coming teams who are
blazing new trails on smaller platforms, like smart phones and XBLA.
We have a long history of investing in young, unproven teams, going
way back to Id Software, and including other notables like Parallax
Software (we were the first studio to invest in Descent), and Remedy
Entertainment (Death Rally and Max Payne).  So, we like that model and
will keep doing it in the future.  We seem to have a good eye for
unproven talent waiting for some experienced guidance and hard-to-find

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